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Technical Assistance for Grant Scheme under the South Sinai Regional Development Programme

As part of a multidisciplinary team of experts, ENTRUST is working to promote local initiatives in the field of environment, local community development, cultural heritage, social development, equipment & capacity building and public awareness, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the South Sinai region.   This is done through providing technical assistance and advice to facilitate the successful and effective implementation of a grant scheme targeting local associations and enterprises.

Entrust played an important role in carrying out the SSRDP capacity building elements with special reference to the EC project cycle management (PCM) and planning and implementing SSRDP Grant Scheme. This entailed working closely with and delivering technical assistance and training to local authorities, civil society associations and SMEs in the region of South Sinai.  Entrust's intervention in the SSRDP capacity building activities continues through its on-going involvement in assisting local initiatives in the fields of environment, local community development, cultural heritage, social development and public awareness. Sector-specific technical assistance is provided to grant recipients as well as to social service providers including health services, social housing, and employment generation.

Technical Assistance Support to Social Development in Egypt in three (3) Governorates (Assiut, Beni Suef, Fayoum)

As member of an international consortium, ENTRUST was selected to provide technical assistance to the Support to Social Development Project, funded by the European Commission.  The project aims to enhance decentralisation of decision making, community-based and demand–driven activities, combined interventions using integrated approaches and actions in favor of the ultra poor.  Against this background, the Support to Social Development project funds activities of the “Integrated Services for the Poor program”. The supported demand driven activities involve infrastructure works as well as social development activities in urban and rural areas, identified as pockets of poverty.  In addition, our experts are currently playing an integral part in developing the capacity of the Social Fund for Development (SFD) in Egypt.  Particular emphasis is laid on the development of local capacity at the governorate level in Upper Egypt to implement the program, through the creation of Program Implementation Units (PIUs) as well as to sustain development efforts through the creation and development of Local Area Development (LAD) Platforms.  This goes hand in hand with assisting the SFD headquarters and its regional branch offices to be better able to:

  • Manage grants targeting CDAs and NGOs
  • Engage CDAs and NGOs in SFD local programs and activities
  • Internalize independent local Project Implementation Units (PIUs)
  • initiate and manage local area development plans
  • Establish and maintain local Governorate Committees as a mechanism for coordination, good governance and evaluation of SFD work at the governorate level
  • Design and implement an effective communications and PR strategy for SFD RBOs and SFD HQ.


Pre-Feasibility Study of the Technical and Vocational Education Sector in Jordan

As part of an international consortium, ENTRUST was selected to conduct a pre-feasibility study of the technical and vocational education sector in Jordan.  The pre-feasibility study will provide the decision makers in the Government and the European Commission with sufficient information to make strategic choices in the design of the project “Support to TVET sector in Jordan” and to prepare further analysis leading to acceptance, modification or rejection of the proposed project for further financing and implementation.  Particular attention will be paid to the previous and current preparatory work that may have been achieved, to ensure broad stakeholders’ participation to the different phases of the process and explore prospects of increased donor coordination under the leadership of the Government of Jordan.

Special Needs Education for Gifted Children: Program Development in Jordan

As part of an international consortium, ENTRUST was selected to provide advisory services to the Jordanian Ministry of Education.  ENTRUST’s consultants have developed a program for the education of gifted children following best practices and international standards.  This was done following an appraisal that we conducted of current programs and benchmarking them against international standards.  ENTRUST is also building the capacity of the staff of the Jordanian Ministry of Education, schools, resource rooms and pioneer centers to implement the program.


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