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Why Entrust DMC

ENTRUST’s approach is to combine state-of-the-art knowledge and skills, together with a solid first-hand familiarity and understanding of field realities and development dynamics on the international, regional and local levels.  In order to ensure the relevance of our efforts to our clients and target groups, ENTRUST utilizes a wide array of participatory techniques that we specifically tailor to empower our partners and clients in order to actively participate in planning, designing, implementing and managing development endeavors.  On the other hand, our competitive edge in policy analysis, formulation and advice enables us to devise and execute integrated solutions that bring together private sector and non-governmental organizations at the community level, with senior policy makers and international actors.   Throughout our work, our commitment and strict adherence to the principles of equality and inclusion as well as the value of both knowledge and local expertise have enabled us to play a pioneering role in initiating sustainable development processes that continue to provide opportunities to our clients and partners. 

Since our inception, we have opted to be a learning organization that constantly maintains close contacts with its clients and partners.  Moreover, towards the same end, we have invested in developing our internal systems and resources along the lines of versatility, continuous learning, and customer orientation.  Realizing the vital importance of knowledge in today’s world, we have invested in developing internal systems and resources that enable our clients to benefit from state-of-the-art knowledge in the field, as well as utilize a variety of top-notch talents to address their concerns.  ENTRUST’s library includes hundreds of entries that are carefully categorized and indexed in our database to meet the needs of our customers.  ENTRUST also maintains a large database of first-rate consultants specializing in various fields of development.  These resources, together with our carefully selected staff members, enable us to swiftly address various development concerns, while consistently maintaining accuracy, reliability and superlative quality.

One of ENTRUST’s most essential assets is our multidisciplinary team of professionals which was carefully selected to combine extensive experience and education in various developmental fields.  ENTRUST’s staff members undergo continuous education and training allowing for their acquisition of relevant and advanced knowledge and skills that are then incorporated into our work.  Thanks to the versatility and professionalism of our staff, we are kept up to date with the latest developments in various fields, thus we are able to easily respond to the changing demands of our clients.
Finally, our automated management systems enable us to monitor the performance of various complex assignments with ease.  These systems were specifically tailored to manage the deployment of internal and external human and material resources across our portfolio of assignments and contracts.   Once a contract is signed with a client, one of our professional staff acquires full responsibility for coordinating the needed resources to deliver the required results.  Quality control is undertaken by ENTRUST’s senior management during various stages of implementation in order to facilitate access to resources, ensure smooth implementation, and maintain ENTRUST’s standards of excellence.


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