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Policy Advisory Services Training & Capacity Building Research
We formulate development policies using participatory development techniques and engaging relevant stakeholders in the policy design process. We identify our partners’ capacity building needs, conduct solid institutional assessments, design and/or tailor and provide training programs accordingly, and provide
technical assistance, as required.
We conduct socio-economic research using advanced qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. We apply our analytical skills and expertise in verifying and identifying research results and conclusions.
Project Management Project Design & Planning Project Evaluation
We use advanced management techniques in implementing development projects with a variety of stakeholders including government, civil society and private sector partners. We also have an advantage in brokering partnership and linkages with suitable partners during project implementation. We design projects and new initiatives using advanced planning techniques and rely on local, regional and international best practices to identify best-case scenarios and solutions for development problems We use up-to-date mechanisms for evaluating programs/projects, apply sound development concepts in the process, and propose recommendations for improving the performance of our partners.


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