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ENTRUST’s impressive reputation is owed in no small part to our consistently outstanding performance in all of the activities we undertake.  Since our inception in mid 2001, we have successfully completed more than twenty-five contracts and assignments in less than four years.  It is the widely -recognized quality and professionalism of our work that enabled ENTRUST to play a significant role in development initiatives on global, regional, national and local levels. 

ENTRUST’s mission is to support sustainable development efforts through devising innovative integrated development solutions.  Toward this end, we are actively involved in areas ranging from the development of global initiatives, national strategies and general policy frameworks to project design, management and evaluation.  Our work ranges in scope and depth across a variety of development fields and we provide consultancy services to help our clients in diverse areas such as;

  • Private sector & SME Development
  • Institutional Development & Capacity Building
  • Civil Society development
  • Trade
  • Legal & Regulatory Reform


ENTRUST recognizes the complexity of achieving our goals, as it requires profound expertise, continuous learning, innovation, as well as strategic and analytical thinking.  In addition, the involvement in such a wide array of fields would not have been possible if not for the mastery of various developmental and professional tools.  These include, inter alia:

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods
  • Advanced Moderation & Facilitation Techniques
  • Participatory Techniques for Project Design & Planning
  • Project Implementation & Management tools
  • Program Evaluation tools 
  • Advanced Training & Capacity Building Methodologies


ENTRUST is known for its pioneering and innovative projects and programs that continue to have a significant impact on Egypt, as well as other countries in the region.  In addition to our ground-breaking efforts in bringing SME development to the forefront of the policy-making agenda in Egypt, we are continuing to play a leading role in shaping SME development strategies and policies in the country.  Our proposed General Policy Framework for “Enhancing SME Competitiveness & Exports in the 21st Century” prepared for the Ministry of Foreign Trade was endorsed by two successive Egyptian Prime Ministers who wrote introductory notes for the policy document developed by ENTRUST, declaring it as a cornerstone of future economic development efforts in the country.

Our efforts in promoting the SME competitiveness agenda were not limited to Egypt.  In late 2003, ENTRUST co-sponsored the first regional conference on SME competitiveness, held in Aqaba, Jordan, under the auspices of H.M.  Queen Rania Abdullah.    ENTRUST also developed and presented the issues paper of the conference.  ENTRUST was later on requested by Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises (EJADA) to address a forum  of senior Jordanian officials and key private sector figures on the issue of SME Competitiveness in Jordan and the region.
ENTRUST has also been selected by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) to assist in designing a regional “Promotion Innovation and Technology Program for SMEs”.  The first of its kind in the entire MENA region, this program establishes an innovation and technology network starting with Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Germany.  The project is focused on introducing new fields of SME development such as technology transfer, innovation advisory services, and technology and innovation policies.  This is done through bringing the combined innovation and technological capacities of the member countries to assist the private sector and SME development in the region.

ENTRUST has also played a significant role in shaping the global brokerage initiative launched by the United Nations Development program (UNDP) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  ENTRUST was chosen among a select group of international experts drawn from all over the world to participate in the deliberations leading to the design of this new global program.  Our Linkages Facilitation Program (LFP), to be implemented under CIDA’s Business Development Services Support Project in Egypt, was further selected to be one of the first pilot projects in the world under this initiative.  The LFP aims at facilitating the creation of new linkages and deepening and expanding existing ones between transnational corporations (TNCs) and SMEs. 


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