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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)

Textile Sector Processes Study & Workshop Series

ENTRUST was selected as part of a consortium including Context Consulting & Services and Gherzi Textile Organization to conduct a study of enterprises in the various links of the textiles and garments value chain.  The study was followed by a series of workshops, of which ENTRUST held primary responsibility to identify constraints facing enterprises, in addition to opportunities and potential gains available to the sector. 

Promotion of Innovation and Technology for SME in the Middle East

Selected by GTZ to assist in designing a regional “Promotion Innovation and Technology Program for SMEs”.  The program establishes an innovation and technology network starting with Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Germany.  The project is focused on introducing new fields of SME development such as technology transfer, innovation advisory services, and technology and innovation policies.  This is done through bringing the combined innovation and technological capacities of the member countries to assist the private sector and SME development in the region.

Development of a National SME Development Strategy for Yemen

ENTRUST was contracted by GTZ and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation to develop and implement a strategy formulation process for the development of the National Strategy for SME Development for the Republic of Yemen.  Work included meeting top government officials, representatives of various stakeholders, donors and international organization to create a consensus on a participatory strategy formulation process.  The proposed roadmap identified stages of strategy formulation, deliverables and outputs at each stage, issues and themes to be addressed by the strategy, as well as working groups to tackle these issues and themes.  ENTRUST is contracted by GTZ to oversee and provide technical assistance to the process.


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