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Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade (MOEFT)

Assessment of the International Trade Points in Egypt

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu (SMBSP) contracted ENTRUST to conduct a full scale evaluation of all the International Trade Points in Egypt.  The assessment covered the cost effectiveness of their functions, the adequacy of their physical, financial and human resources, the appropriateness of their operational, service delivery and information systems, in addition to their performance levels and the degree of client satisfaction, which were analyzed and benchmarked against international actors.  The evaluation proposed restructuring measures to improve the performance and the relevance of the services provided.  The recommendations were adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and efforts are currently underway to restructure the International Trade Points along the lines suggested by ENTRUST.

Defining the Mandate for M/SME Policy Development in Egypt

Contracted by SMEPOL to identify the mandates of key stakeholders in M/SME policy formulation.  Work involved updating an institutional setup study conducted in the early design stages of SMEPOL, analyzing the results of stakeholders mapping and developing a policy analysis matrix to describe the roles, responsibilities and mandates of the different actors.

Guidelines for the Development of M/SME Policy Framework

ENTRUST was selected to advise SMEPOL on the development of an M/SME policy framework.  Work involved reviewing pertinent literature and proposing adequate policy formulation mechanisms and processes based on best practices as well as the realities of the Egyptian context to be adopted by the project.  These guidelines were later on adopted by the General Policy Framework endorsed by the Government.

Stakeholders Analysis

Contracted to identify stakeholders that can be involved in the formulation and implementation of SME development policies, with particular reference to the five policy areas targeted by the project (general policy framework, unified definition for the SME sector, access to finance, streamlining regulations, and increasing the share of SMEs in public procurement).  Designed a database to house and analyze the findings, trained MOEFT staff on data gathering, entry and analysis.


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