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World Bank

Rapid Assessment of Sector Competitiveness and Opportunities in Qena and Sohag

Entrust Development & Management Consultants was contracted to conduct a rapid assessment of sector competitiveness and opportunities in Qena and Sohag. Scope of work involves conducting an assessment of economic sectors and sub-sectors in the Sohag and Qena governorates that may have potential to respond to new markets and opportunities.

Upper Egypt Rural Development Policy : SME Component

As part of the team developing a rural development strategy for Upper Egypt, held responsibility for developing the background document on the SME component.  The study investigated the relationship between SMEs, employment and poverty alleviation in Egypt.  Scope of work covered the identification of SME growth patterns and determinants in Egypt, with specific emphasis on Upper Egypt.   Recommendations were presented to maximize the economic and social contribution of SMEs in Upper Egypt, as well as enhance the sustainability of development efforts.

Mid-term Evaluation of the Social Protection Initiatives Project (SPIP)

Selected to conduct a mid-term evaluation on the Social Protection Initiative Project for the World Bank and the Ministry of Insurance & Social Affairs.  Work involved assessing progress against planned results, institutionally assessing the Program Management Unit, reviewing the design and plans of the project in order to propose amendments, as well as assessing the project's cooperation with local community based NGOs active in the field of street children and disabled children.


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